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Your Home at Hillcrest-Estates

The home that you build at Hillcrest-Estates will reflect attention to detail, care in construction and quality at every level of the build process.

The layout of Hillcrest-Estates was undertaken by two different firms — one an engineering firm and the other a land use planning company. The objective was to minimize intrusion of streets and ways into the woodlands (engineering) and to maximize open space around the residences (land use).

The house designs reflect the needs of today’s families for comfortable living spaces and efficient use of energy. Privacy has been effected through placement of windows, side lot lines and the orientation of the houses themselves on their lots.

The materials used represent the latest in proven technology that is available to the home building industry. Low maintenance siding, long life roofing, kiln dried lumber for studs and joists, and multi-ply plywood sheets for roofing are just a few of the high quality materials that go into your home at Hillcrest Estates.

Your house will be built according to modern standards by a company, Richmond Development Corporation, that is renowned in MetroWest for the quality it puts into its products. Second best does not do at Richmond Development.

The following gives you an idea of some the plans available to you and the materials used to bring your new home into being.

Come and sit with us, as we plan your new home together.

All dimensions, areas, and prices that are quoted on this site are approximate only and are subject to change by RDC without notification.

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